What a Professional, Customized Resume Can Earn You

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Just drafting a resume and sending it ahead is not enough. Though being highly qualified and experienced, but still you are not able to earn the career opportunity, you have been looking for!

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Top 10 Tips for Resume Writing

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Your resume means a lot while applying for a Job, as it can largely gain you an attention, earning an interview call or take you to the stand-by.

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Resume Objective

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The term ‘Objective’ by definition only refers to the purpose set forth. Objective section is the first part of the resume content wherein you represent your professional ambition, your career goals.

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10 Most Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

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Before you meet your interviewers or even get an interview call, it’s your resume which introduces you to the recruiters and sets the table for.

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Resume Checklist

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While applying for a job, you send your resume to the prospective employer as your representative.

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General Template-Resume

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Contact Details

The first section of your resume is devoted to inform the employer, how to can contact you. Thereby the details to be included would be:

Full Name
Complete Address Details
City, State, Pin Code
Contact Nos. (Mobile/ Landline)
Email Address

Objective (optional)

This section is meant used to put forth your goals and professional ambitions. While including this section you have to highlight your employment goals (what you want to do in your career?) in a sentence or two. A customized objective describing why you are the perfect match for the job can help your resume stand out from the competition.

Career Highlights / Qualifications (optional)

Include a customized content highlighting your key achievements, skills, and experience relevant to the applied position. Highlighting your relevant experience allows the prospective employer to know how proactive and professional you are.

Professional Profile (Experience)

Here in this section of your resume you must include all your work history and exposures as well. List out the companies you have worked for (starting from the latest to the first), dates of employment, the positions you held thereby along with the major responsibilities handled and achievements.

Company #1

City, State
Period of employment

Job Title

Responsibilities / Achievements
Responsibilities / Achievements

Company #2

City, State
Period of employment

Job Title

Responsibilities / Achievements
Responsibilities / Achievements

Academic Profile (Education)

In this particular section the academic details like schools attended and the degrees/certificates attained, along with any special awards and honors you earned.

College, Degree
Awards, Honors


This section is targeted to include skills related to the position / career field that you are applying for like computer skills, language skills.

(References available upon request)

Avoid including reference details in your resume body. Instead, keep our references ready and just indicate that they will be availed upon the employer’s request.

Personal Profile

Here in this section you can include all your personal relevant details, i.e.
Father’s Name
Date of Birth
Languages Known
Hobbies (Include relevant hobbies, preferably matching/complimenting the concerned profile/field)
Marital Status

*Customize Your Resume

A resume purposefully and tactfully personalized and customized with regard to the applied job profile; highlighting your skills and abilities, connecting them with the job/position you are applying for is highly useful in winning the recruiter’s attention.

*Review Resume Samples

Reviewing various resume samples, would help you incorporate your resume template information into an appropriate format matching the job profile and industry.

*Proofread Your Resume

Don’t forget to proofread your resume, before forwarding it to the prospective employer.

15 Things Your Resume Must Not Have

Tags: cv mistakes, Mistakes in Resume, Resume

Effectiveness of your resume determines your chances of getting an interview call. And to secure your chances of marking a good impression with your resume, you first need to ensure that your resume is error free.

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